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Well hello folks, my name is Jeff and I use to have a fear of dentists. Well, that was until I found Riverside Heights dental group! These guys are the greatest group of people I've ever met in the dental industry! They are caring individuals who really care about your oral Health. I never really smiled that much before because of my teeth, I was self-conscious about my teeth as they weren't in the good condition. The of the people of Riverside heights dental group helped me with the decisions with my teeth and gave me a beautiful smile. I would like to this opportunity to thank them very much for allowing me to smile a lot more now than I ever had in the past. Also, I do not have pain anymore or a fear of the dentist. I am absolutely relaxed when I go to the dentist now and they work with you to give you the beautiful smile that you've always wanted. If they had a rating to give 10 stars that's what I would give because of the fantastic treatment I have received at Riverside's Heights Dental Group. Once again I would like to thank you for the wonderful treatment I received there and for my beautiful smile.

- Jeff M

I've seen lots of dentists and by far highly recommend Dr. Greg Marasa. He makes sure I am always comfortable and always makes me well aware of what is going on. I will never go anywhere else. If your somewhat nervous with going to the dentist this is your place. You will feel comfortable as soon as you walk in with great receptionists and the friendly nurses. I am never there long enough to get through a magazine. I make sure to convert all my friends here.

- Laura T

My family and I have been patients at Riverside Heights Dental Clinic for 18 years and have had excellent dental care. The staff are friendly and the dentists are professional, experienced and strive to help us maintain healthy teeth and gums. We would highly recommend to everyone Riverside Dental Clinic.

- Barb

I grew up afraid of dentists. When I was a young adult I decided to find a dentist that I could feel comfortable with. After a lot of research I found this office. The dentists were reported to be very good with children. I thought if they were that good with children, they would probably have the patience for a scaredy cat like me. All of the staff are amazing! They are friendly and are always asking if everything is ok, even when I'm just getting my teeth cleaned. I have been coming here now for 23 years.

- Tracy

As their personal lab technician, I have had the privilege of working with the Riverside Heights Dental team for over 30 years. I have seen their demand for quality dental restorations and the care they provide to our patients - second to none!


The time is going by so very fast since July of 1997 which was the first time we met Dr. Marasa in his practice.

The service throughout time has been excellent from all of his staff including Dr. Marasa. They have always been very friendly and courteous and we would recommend them to any person who would be looking for a dentist.

One situation which stands out most in our memory which we will never forget and are very grateful for his help was when Christel was suffering from severe headaches. When she saw Dr. Marasa she mentioned this problem to him and asked if he could check her teeth as she thought that maybe that is what caused the headaches. When Dr. Marasa checked her teeth he could not find any problems with them.

He then proceeded to check all her pressure points around the lower and upper parts of her facial area and her temples with his hands and found what he determined was that she had temporal arteritis.

He then told Christel she should see her doctor immediately as this is a very serious condition that can be fatal if not treated. Christel is now on medication to treat this which most likely may have saved her life.

Dr. Marasa we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much for what you and your staff have done for us over the years with your excellent service and we are eternally grateful. You went above and beyond what was required of you.

- Gunter and Christel

Dr. Greg Marasa is a passionate and knowledgeable professional who shows empathy to all his patients. My family and I have full trust and confidence in Dr. Marasa and all the staff at Riverside Heights Dental, which makes every visit a relaxing and enjoyable one. When booking an appointment you can be confident that you will see Dr. Marasa on time and in your allocated appointment time slot, which is a reflection of the professionalism of him and his entire staff. Don't be surprised if Dr. Marasa personally contacts you after your appointment making sure all is well, one of the many examples of how Dr. Marasa goes above and beyond the boundaries of his profession.

- Colin

Unfortunately I have terrible teeth - FORTUNATELY my dentist is Dr. Frank Marasa! I'm a long time customer/patient and I always appreciate the care & attention I receive at Riverside Heights Dental. Great staff that take great care of my teeth

- Peter

Best dentist office! They have very friendly staff. They're always on time for appointments and my teeth are always very happy! I highly recommend Riverside heights.

- Emily

I've seen some the best dentistry from this amazing team! A wonderful environment that I was pleased to work at for over 5 years, and highly recommend for any new patients! Top of the line dental staff!

- Corrina

My young children and I see Dr. Greg. Greg and the staff are very friendly and show great patience with the kids. The office environment is very welcoming and relaxing. Keep up the great work.

- Lori

I've been going to Riverside Heights Dental Group for a number of years and I have to say this team is a 10+. Great caring staff and dental team that are fabulous dealing with everyone including children.

- Pamela

Frank Marasa has been my dentist for over 20 years. I go back to the King George office days and have had an excellent experience with the entire team. I would highly recommend Riverside Heights Dental, even for the children in your life. My boys enjoy going there and have never complained about a "dentist day". See you soon - checkups in a few weeks.

- Flo K

Amazing, understanding and friendly staff that obviously love what they do! They make us feel at home, which is especially important when taking a toddler to the dentist!

- Megan M

I have known Dr. Frank and Dr. Greg Marasa for many years and have complete trust in their professionalism, their experience and expertise. When considering where I would go to get my orthodontics done there was no question in my mind that I wanted Dr. Frank Marasa to be my orthodontist. He closely considers client needs with a personal and caring approach, is passionate about his work and in fact teaches leading methods in orthodontics that in the end are effective and save time for his clients to get the results they are looking for. Before moving back to the mainland and when I was living in Victoria, BC I would travel on the weekends to make my ortho appointments rather than choosing another practice to go to, because of the confidence I had that by going to Riverside Heights Dental Group, I was getting top service. All the staff are also very friendly and go out of their way to make clients feel comfortable. I highly recommend Riverside Heights Dental Group and checking out the range of services provided.

- Katerina A

I have been a patient of Riverside Heights Dental for almost a year now. Since switching over from my previous dental clinic, the Riverside Heights team has made it a smooth and seamless transition for me. The staff is extremely friendly and caring. Dr. Greg Marasa uses his professionalism and humour to put the patients at ease. I'm looking forward to my next appointment!

- Justin N

We have always felt that Dr. Marasa and his team really listen to and care about their patients making our dental experience a lot more comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend Riverside Heights Dental group to anyone.

- Kathy G

I have been a patient of Riverside Heights Dental since I was around 10 years old (so that's over 25 years)! What keeps me so loyal? The excellent care and amazing family like environment. Even though I know the visit may not always be pleasant (as I have some dental issues) I truly look forward to my appointments and seeing the wonderful dentists and staff. Over the years I have moved around from Surrey to Vancouver to Burnaby but I have always continued to go to Riverside Heights Dental because I know I am getting excellent and consistent care. Dr. Emmanuels (Ingrid) was my dentist for 22 years and when she retired I was slightly worried. I needn't have worried because now I am in the very capable hands of her son, Dr. Greg Marasa. Everyone there makes the visit as enjoyable as it can possibly be and I always feel like I am catching up with friends.

- Kristen S

One of my favourite things about Riverside Heights Dental is that it feels like a big family! Everyone is really friendly and has time to get to know you. Also, they are always on time for your appt. You never have to wait around forever waiting for your turn. I highly recommend.

- Simon G