Teeth Whitening Surrey

Brightening Your Smile

Patient having teeth whitening service

Teeth generally become darker as we age.  Your teeth are naturally their brightest when you first get them and they slowly get darker over time.  This is compounded by consumption of coffee, tea and red wine, as well as smoking.  Some of the factors that cause this darkening can be fixed with a thorough cleaning of the teeth to get the surface stains off.

The staining that occurs within the tooth, called intrinsic staining, cannot be treated with cleaning alone because it is the internal dentin portion of the tooth which is causing the discolouration.  The only option to whiten these teeth is with whitening agents.  For people interested in improving the shade of their teeth, home bleaching kits are available through the office.  A custom bleaching tray made specific for your mouth is given to the patient to take home.  The bleaching process is followed closely by the dentist to make sure that the teeth whiten correctly.

It is important to note that fillings and porcelain do not whiten with these whitening kits.  It is best to ask your dentist if whitening is a good option for you.  If someone with some porcelain crowns whitens their teeth, the teeth will get whiter but the crowns will remain darker.

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