Teeth Extractions Surrey

Removing a Problematic Tooth

An extraction is a removal of the tooth from the mouth using various instruments.  There are several reasons why a tooth would need to be extracted, but for the most part, it is when a tooth cannot be reasonably restored to function properly in the mouth.  A tooth that cannot be restored to function in the mouth is due to two main reasons: cavities and gum disease.  If a tooth has a very large cavity that extends well below the gums or if a heavily restored tooth has broken too much that it can't be confidently restored, then extraction is the best option.  If a tooth has experienced a significant amount of gum disease, then it can become infected around the gums or the tooth can become too mobile due to lack of bony support.  These teeth unfortunately have to be extracted.

Wisdom tooth extractions are a common procedure as well.  The best time to take out wisdom teeth are between the ages of 16 and 26.  This is ideal because people in this age category are generally quite healthy.  These individuals heal quite quickly with little complications, their wisdom teeth aren't completely formed making them easier to remove, and their bone is more flexible which allow for easier extractions.  Please have a consultation with the dentist during these age limits to have your wisdom teeth assessed because it is the optimal time for removal.

No one  wants to lose a tooth and our goal as dentists is to save the tooth if we can, but if it is unable to be saved, know that there are several options to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

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