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Child having dental cleaning at Riverside Heights Dental

Caring for Kids at Riverside Heights Dental

Kids need to be given special attention, especially in unfamiliar situations such as the dental chair.  We strive to make the experience at the dentist as enjoyable as possible for your children.  Your child should be seen by the dentist within 6 months of the first tooth showing up in his or her mouth.  It is important to bring children into the dentist at an early age to recognize any signs of tooth decay before it gets much worse.  Also, it is important to see if your child's teeth may need orthodontic work to help keep the teeth and jaw in proper alignment as the child grows.

Familiarizing Children with Dental Care

By bringing your child to the dentist from a young age, it makes the environment a more familiar place.  If your child happens to need some dental work done in the future, they will feel much safer at the dental office if they have had time to get to know the people and the office.  They will also appreciate the trip to the prize box at the end of the appointments

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