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Perfecting the Bite

Invisalign invisible retainer

It is important for children to be assessed by a dentist for a need for orthodontics. Most problems are best fixed when a child is growing but orthodontics are also very common in adulthood.  Children commonly have crowded or spaced teeth.  Additionally, the upper and lower jaws grow at different rates and this allows for the potential of a jaw size discrepancy.  If the jaws are different sizes, this is a job best fixed while the child is still growing because the dentist can take advantage of the growing period.  The dentists at Riverside Heights Dental in Surrey BC have many hours of continuing education in orthodontics and are very skilled at aligning teeth to give a more beautiful smile.

Dr. Marasa at Riverside Heights Dental in North Surrey, is also a certified Invisalign provider (the clear plastic trays that can replace braces) and they are a great option for the right patient.  Invisalign technology uses models of your existing teeth and it makes a series of plastic trays that will gradually move your teeth.  The computer program makes determines how many trays you will need and how long it will take to complete treatment.  Invisalign is a good option for people who have good oral hygiene, are very compliant with wearing their trays, and need only minor tooth movements to correct the teeth. If you are interested in Invisalign, we can provide you with a free consultation.

For more information on braces and Invisalign, contact your North Surrey Dentist at Riverside Heights Dental.