Laser Dentistry Surrey

Technology for a Variety of Dental Procedures

Dental lasers either come in two types, hard or soft tissue lasers.  At Riverside Heights Dental, in North Surrey, BC, a soft tissue laser is used for a variety of procedures and can be a very useful adjunct.  It is most often used for minor soft tissue surgical procedures and during crown appointments.  Sometimes soft tissue (gums) need to be retracted in order to expose a nice clean margin around the tooth for a crown impression.  The laser aids in that by gently and conservatively trimming the tissue around the tooth to show a nice clean margin.  A nice margin allows for a nice impression to send to the lab and a nice impression means a well-fitting crown.  The laser can also be used to remove areas where the lip or tongue is pulling too much at the gums.  This happens, for example, in people who are tongue-tied.  This procedure is called a frenectomy.  It can also be used on cankers (apthous ulcers) and cold sores to help relieve the symptoms and speed the healing.  Sometimes it is used for periodontal procedures to help reduce the size of a pocket between the gums and the tooth, making it easier to keep clean.

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