Kids First Dentist Visit

First dental visit at Riverside Heights Dental

A very common question for new parents is “When should I first bring my child to see a dentist?”.  The Canadian Dental Association recommends to have your child first seen by a dentist within 6 months of getting his or her first tooth.  It is important to bring your child in this early so you can have a discussion with the dentist and staff about current homecare for your child, and break bad habits before they create future problems. A child’s diet, bottle use, toothbrushing technique, toothbrush type and toothpaste, thumb-sucking and soother use are all important topics that should be discussed at an early age because they all can have a large effect on the development of the teeth and surrounding bone.

Regular Dental Exams for Your Child at Riverside Heights Dental Centre in North Surrey, BC

At Riverside Heights Dental Centre in North Surrey, BC, we recommend that the child be seen every 6 months for exams from that point.  This is important because it allows the dentist to monitor how the new teeth come into the mouth and to spot any problems that may be arising.  This is also important because it makes the dental office a more familiar and comfortable environment for your child.