Gum Surgery Surrey

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Gum grafts are a surgical procedure used to treat isolated defects in the gums.  These defects are usually in the form of recession around a tooth.  When a patient has recession, the root surface of the tooth is exposed.  This often can cause sensitivity and also can be a cosmetic issue.  If the gums have receded on a tooth or a couple isolated teeth, a connective tissue graft can be placed to cover the exposed root surface.  This procedure involves removing  a small piece of tissue from the patient's palate and placing the tissue over the root surface and stitched into place.  The graft eventually becomes one with the surrounding tissue as they heal and the root surface becomes covered.

Another common type of graft is a free gingival graft.  This procedure is used when a patient does not have enough gum support around a tooth or a few teeth.  The procedure is similar to a connective tissue graft in that the tissue is taken from the palate and placed at the site that needs more gum tissue.  This procedure is different in that it is not meant to cover the root surface.

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