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Complimentary Toddler Exams

Complimentary initial exam for children 2 and under

The first exam at our office is free for children 2 and under.

toddler-examsThe more a dentist knows about a child’s mouth and growth, the better they’ll be able to treat them in the long term. While you won’t have your child undergo any procedures, by getting them examined regularly even when they’re still toddlers, you can make sure that no major problems are brewing and that your dentist can watch for potential development issues.

Get Your Kids Used to the Dentist

Starting early means your kids will have memories of the dentist that aren’t about getting fillings. Those routines check-ups can be painless and won’t be scary. If you’re relaxed and you bring your toddler in for dental exams that result mostly in advice for you as a parent, your child will associate the dental visits with nothing traumatic. That way they’re more likely to have good dental hygiene habits and to visit the dentist for the rest of their lives.

Just to Be Sure

Early dental exams are mostly to watch for any potential problems. Children who use bottles or pacifiers can have dental problems, but if you as a parent stay informed about how their teeth are doing, you can avoid any lasting damage. Your dentist can simply have a look and make sure teeth are strong and straight.

Future Knowledge

In the future, your children may need to see the dentist for much more serious visits, such as for cleanings, fillings, and even braces. You may not realize it, but if your dentist can have a look at how the child’s jaw is growing, they’ll be able to better say when and if they’ll need orthodontic care. They can also warn you to any simple needs, such as more frequent brushing and other dental recommendations.

As a parent, you can’t know too much about how to best care for your child. Early dental exams will help put your mind at ease about your child’s long term dental health.

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