Digital Xrays

Dental Technology that is Environmentally Conscious

Digital Dental Xrays at Riverside Heights Dental

The dentists at Riverside Heights Dental in Surrey BC are committed to offering the latest technology in dental equipment.  We are proud to introduce our new digital x-rays and digital patient charts.  With this technology comes many benefits.  The almost complete elimination of paper from the daily dental office process will result in a significant reduction in paper waste.  Paper charts take up a significant amount of room both in the office and at the dentist's own household.  Current regulations require dentists to hold on to patients' charts for 30 years.  Although this regulation is undergoing a change, it means that any patient the dentist has seen in the past 30 years is on record wither in the office or in storage.  With paper charts, one can understand the magnitude of this storage.  With digital charts this can all be stored on disks, taking up significantly less room and much less harm to the environment.  Additionally, any papers that are significant to a patient can be scanned into their digital chart so that the paper can be recycled.

Digital x rays have a much lower dose of radiation, providing a safer environment for both patients and staff.  Previously, dental films would have to be developed in a dark room with fixer and developer and then viewed on a light box at actual size.  Now, the x-ray image can be displayed immediately and can be magnified and enhanced to allow for better diagnostic quality and patient education.  This also allows for more efficient appointments.

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