Replacing Missing Teeth

Denture patient at Riverside Heights Dental

Dentures can be an affordable way to replace missing teeth in your mouth, whether it be all or some of them.  They can be made to replace all of your teeth with complete dentures or if you are missing only some of your teeth with partial dentures.  Dentures will give a more esthetic smile and a functioning bite to make eating food easier.

Complete dentures used to be very common but are becoming less now as more people are keeping their teeth later in life.  It used to be common practice for people in their 20s to get all their teeth removed and replaced by dentures, which is why a large population of elderly patients have complete dentures.  This is much less common now as the goal in today's dentistry is to save the natural teeth that you can.  Complete dentures have the disadvantage that they do not have any teeth to secure to.  Top dentures fit better than bottom dentures because the top denture has a seal that forms on the palate.  It is becoming more popular for patients with complete dentures to get implants placed under the dentures to help secure them in place.

Partial dentures are usually more tolerable than complete dentures because there are teeth present to support a partial denture.  These dentures are usually made with a cast metal base with acrylic fused to them.  This gives the partial denture more strength.  Partial dentures can also benefit from dental implants to add to the stability. 

Dentures can loosen after time, especially if teeth were recently extracted.  If you notice that your denture is getting loose or are unhappy with the appearance of it, please let us know.  Implant-supported dentures are a great way to help stabilize the dentures to make them much more easy to use.

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