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Riverside Dental


image34.jpgKeeping your teeth clean at home and visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings are the best ways to prevent periodontal disease. Your dental team is here to work with you and develop a home care routine that is best for your specific needs. Many aids are available on the market, finding the right ones for you will help to reduce gingivitis and prevent further bone destruction in patients with periodontitis. Together we can identify modifiable risk factors and determine the best interval for professional cleanings. Risk factors can include: poor oral hygiene habits, diet, medication, disease, and smoking. With regular visits we can monitor any changes and make recommendations to ensure that our patients are maintaining optimal oral health. Orthodontics serves a functional purpose, as well as, creating a more appealing smile. Teeth with optimal alignment are easier to clean on a day to day basis and a clean, healthy mouth can help reduce the risks of periodontal disease in the future.

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