Custom Mouth Guards by Under Armour

Preventing Concussions and Damage to Your Teeth During Sports

Under Armour Custom Mouth Guard

If you or a family member plays a high-impact sport such as football or hockey, wearing a custom Under Armour mouth guard is a very important means of protecting the teeth from damage. We are authorized providers of Under Armour mouth guards for high-impact sports and other mouth wear for low-impact sports. Please visit to learn more about how these mouth guards and how they can increase your performance.

Many people in BC play hockey, which is a high impact sport that can be very damaging to the teeth (just look at some of your favourite NHL players). Wearing a custom Under Armour mouth guard can help prevent these types of injuries and also prevent concussions. Also, people with braces can also have custom mouthguards made. If a person with braces gets hit in the face, it can do a lot of damage to the soft tissue without a protective mouth guard.

It is most beneficial to have a sports guard that is custom made by a dentist versus the store-bought boil and bite guards.

If you live in the Surrey area and would like a top quality custom Under Armour Mouth Guard, contact Riverside Heights Dental - located near the Guildford mall in Surrey BC.

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