Dental Crowns Surrey

Capping Teeth to Prevent them from Breaking

Dental Crown at Riverside Heights Dental Centre

A crown is commonly referred to as a "cap".  This is because a crown fits over top of the existing tooth and holds it together.  Teeth that have very large fillings or cracks are weak and are at risk of breaking. If a crown fits over the weakened tooth, it prevents the tooth from breaking.  Crowns are typically made of porcelain so the tooth can often be made to look naturally beautiful.  Crowns also come in gold and a combination of porcelain and metal.

The procedure to make a crown involves two appointments.  The tooth is first prepared for a crown by making it a little bit smaller and making a nice clean margin around the tooth for the crown to sit on.  A very accurate impression is then taken of the prepared tooth and the surrounding teeth and sent to the lab.  The lab technician will make your crown specific to the size, shape and colour of your existing teeth and it will be ready to be inserted in your mouth at the second appointment in 1-2 weeks.  While the crown is getting made at the lab, a temporary crown will be made for your mouth.  The temporary crown functions in several ways.  It protects the prepared tooth from getting damaged, it prevents the tooth or adjacent teeth from moving, and it gives the patient something to function and smile with.  The temporary is removed when you come back to the office and the newly fabricated crown is inserted.

Partial crowns known as onlays are also commonly used. These are beneficial in that they help preserve natural tooth structure.

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