Why Wear Custom Mouth Guards During Sports?

by Riverside Heights Dental June 3rd, 2017 in Dental Health, Mouth Guards
Why Wear Custom Mouth Guards During Sports?

During sports, you have a tendency to clench your jaw, which is a part of your body's fight or flight response to threats. Having an Under Armour Custom Mouth Guard can help to reduce stress put on you, as an athlete, as well as cushion the impact when you receive a blow to your jaw. While there are store bought options for mouth guards, choosing an Under Armour Custom Mouth Guard can provide other benefits. Primarily, a custom mouth guard is shaped perfectly to your teeth.

Optimal Jaw Alignment and Improved Breathing

Under Armour Custom Mouth Guards are uniquely shaped to fit your mouth. This provides optimal spacing between your upper and lower jaws, which prevents the negative impacts that occur to your body from clenching. In addition, it helps you breathe much more easily. Although this unique mouth guard has obvious benefits in more extreme sports where you are more likely to get knocked in the face, it can also be beneficial in sports and activities that are not high contact. This includes running, golf, training, and even yoga, when you may unconsciously clench your jaw.

Enhanced Performance and Training

Traditional mouth guards only provide protection against injuries to your jaw and teeth. With the Under Armour Custom Mouth Guard, you receive this benefit and much more, and studies have been done to prove this. In fact, peer-reviewed studies were conducted at several different universities across the country, and have found that this particular mouth guard helps athletes train better so that they can perform better.

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