Why take a toddler to the dentist?

by Riverside Heights Dental July 20th, 2020 in Dental Health
Why take a toddler to the dentist

It’s safe to say few people actually like going to the dentist, however most would agree that it is very important to do. Maintaining good dental hygiene is an important part of protecting our oral and general health. Some believe children don’t need to see a dentist since their baby teeth will fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. But there are a number of reasons to start taking your child for dental exams early.

The benefits of taking your toddler to see the dentist

Positive associations:

Early routine check-ups are painless and friendly. With parents and the dentist keeping things relaxed, a child can become familiar with the process and learn about taking care of their teeth. Building good habits at this stage will likely last a lifetime.


The more familiar your dentist is with your toddler’s mouth, the better they’re able to treat them. Problems with cleaning or development can be spotted and dealt with right away. Early exams ensure things are progressing well and provide the opportunity to watch areas of concern, like crooked or crowded teeth.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends dental visits to start within 6 months of the arrival of the child’s first tooth, or by their first birthday. If you have a child who has reached this milestone or older, it’s time to book an appointment. 

If you’re in Surrey, looking for a dentist near Guildford Mall, come see us at Riverside Heights Dental Centre. We have many years of experience in pediatric dentistry. The first dental exam for children 2 and under is free.