What are Intraoral Cameras and How Can They Help You?

by Riverside Heights Dental August 21st, 2019 in Dental Health
What are Intraoral Cameras and How Can They Help You?

What are intraoral cameras and how can they help you?

Answer: intraoral cameras have many great benefits for dental use.

Your dentist has a wide range of tools and devices to help assist with dental care, from suction, to drills and everything in between. One less known but very interesting device is called an intraoral Camera.

Intraoral cameras are cameras which are used to see the inside of a patients mouth, in the place of a mirror. These devices are now widely used in dentist offices and allow both the dentist and the patient to have a clear picture of the inside of the mouth, far surpassing the clarity of what a mirror could provide.

Intraoral cameras are a helpful part of a dentists repetoire, as they provide a much clearer and upclose image of potential problem spots that may be harder or impossible to spot without the cameras aid. This allows potential problems to be dealt with before they become worse.

Intraoral cameras are also excellent tools for filling in a patients record files, by using detail photos and images of each tooth and their nuances. This can be helpful for the patient in the event of moving to a new dentist should the need arise, while still have clear documentation.

The camera also gives the patient a visual of problems and issues, which can be extremely valuable when talking to your dentist about problems and treatment options. With the assistance of the intraoral Camera, not only will patient - dentist relation be improved, but so to will the efficiency and accuracy of treatment options.

Next time you visit your dentist at Riverside Heights Dental, ask about the intraoral Camera.