Tips to help lessen your child's dental anxiety

by Riverside Heights Dental October 24th, 2023 in Dental Health
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Adult dental anxiety can often be traced back to childhood dental anxiety. So if we can help a child be less fearful of a trip to the paediatric dentist in Surrey, it’s a good thing. The process of helping your child be more comfortable going to the dentist begins early, within 6 months of their first tooth. Read on for more tips.

Tips to lessen children’s dental anxiety

  • Start early. Unfamiliar places are scary. Introducing your child early helps them become familiar with the dentist office: its lights, sounds, and smells, and of course, the big chair. Introductions to the dentist and other staff members familiarises them with the people they will be interacting with  And access to the prize box at the end brings an element of fun to the experience.
  • Role play. take turns playing dentists with your child at home. Sit in a ‘special’ chair, drape a towel under the chin,‘examine’ each other's teeth. Keep it light and fun.
  • Answer questions. Dentists for kids advise parents to answer their child’s questions about going to the dentist honestly, however, emphasise the positive aspects, like how the dentist makes sure everyone's teeth stay healthy and they fix problems and make sure you can chew properly.
  • Bring comforting items. Some children have connections to objects that give them comfort; like a stuffed animal or favourite toy.. Bringing these along to your appointment can help reduce anxiety.
  • Bring distractions. Some children appreciate distractions like listening to music or a story, or watching TV. We encourage you to bring something for them to listen or watch to help them feel comfortable.

Are you expecting your child’s first tooth? Now is a good time to search for an experienced dentist for children in Surrey. 

However, even if your child is older, it’s not too late to start. Take the time to address dental anxiety. It will set your child up to be more comfortable with dental experiences going forward. And that can last a lifetime. 

At Riverside Heights, we strive to make the experience at the dentist as enjoyable as possible for your children. To make an appointment for yourself or your child, call 604-584-2535