The pros and cons of white fillings

by Riverside Heights Dental July 24th, 2023 in Dental Health
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The older folks among us surely remember when silver fillings were the only option available when treating cavities. Fortunately, today, we have another choice: white fillings.

White fillings fill the same role but are different from silver fillings. For example, white fillings are generally preferred for cosmetic reasons, particularly  for teeth that show when we’re eating, laughing and smiling. But there are some issues to be aware of too. They’re not as strong as silver fillings. And there is still a chance that a cavity will reappear underneath a white filling.

Pros of white fillings

  • Natural look. Many people prefer white fillings because they look so natural. It’s hard to tell if you have a filling by sight alone. In fact, you may be hard pressed yourself to tell where your tooth ends and the filling begins!
  • Safer. White fillings are also called dental composites. They’re made of resin and are non-toxic. Some people prefer this type of filling because of concerns about the mercury in silver fillings.  Some patients also have metal allergies, making white fillings ideal for their teeth.
  • White fillings attach, or bond, right to the tooth so they can be used for some restorative work. Silver fillings just fill a space–or cavity–in the tooth.

Cons of white fillings

  • More expensive. Silver fillings are a little cheaper.
  • Not as durable. White fillings are not as strong as silver fillings so they may not last as long. Thus, they will need replacing more often.
  • Cavities are more likely to reappear underneath white fillings, meaning they will have to be redone.

The next time you need a filling, ask your North Surrey dentist about your options. It may be that one works better than the other for you.

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