The impact of Dental Clinics in a community

by Riverside Heights Dental March 20th, 2020 in Dental Health
The impact of Dental Clinics in a community

The dental clinics providing North Surrey with dental care are a great boon to their community. They help people, young and old, maintain healthy teeth and mouths. Besides teaching good oral hygiene, they help diagnose and correct problems that might prevent someone from speaking or chewing properly. They can replace teeth that are missing or damaged, fix gaps, and straighten crooked teeth to give you a beautiful smile.

Access to Regular Dental Care

Just as importantly, Fraser Heights dentists provide access to regularly scheduled care. People without access to a dental clinic tend to use the ER for emergency care. The problem is that it's not likely anyone there is skilled in dentistry so any treatments are temporary and come with instructions to see a dentist anyway.

The Importance of Maintaining Dental Health

Maintaining your dental health is important for a variety of reasons. Poor oral health can lead to cavities and gum disease (also known as periodontitis). If this state is allowed to continue, it can result in tooth-loss and infections. At its worst, advanced periodontitis can affect the health in other parts of your body by increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illness, and complications during pregnancy.

Regular Access for Better Oral Care

Ensuring regular access is essential to managing oral care. Catching problems like decay early means easier and more successful treatment. Check to see which clinics are in your neighborhood today.

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