Six Reasons Why You Should Wear a Protective Mouth Guard During Sports

by Riverside Heights Dental September 26th, 2015 in Dental Services, Mouth Guards

Some items of sports equipment are obvious – padding, helmets and other protective gear. But when you get dressed for sports, do you think about your mouth? A protective mouth guard should be a regular part of your sports equipment routine. Here’s why. 

1. It’s a Simple Way to Prevent Injuries

Many sports leave you risking the chance of a blow to the face. Whether you’re hit by a person, a ball, or the ground, there are many ways people can incur facial and mouth injuries. A protective mouthguard keeps your mouth, and your teeth, protected from harm, without requiring complex equipment. 

2. It Saves You from Costly Emergency Work

Even in low-contact sports, you can still become injured – if you lose a tooth or otherwise incur a dental injury, you’ll need help from your dentist, fast. Emergency dental work can be costly, and even if you don’t need to see a dentist right away, it’s still work that could have been avoided with the use of a mouth guard. 

3. It’s an Inexpensive Aid, For Those on a Budget

Think a protective mouth guard is too pricey? Try using a stock guard, or a boil and bite guard first. This might be good enough, but you may want to save up for a custom guard once you’ve tried this type. 

4. It Can Be Customized

A custom protective mouth guard is something your dentist can create for you, specially formed to fit your mouth and your mouth alone. While this costs more, it is the most effective way to protect your mouth. 

5. Your Dentist Will Be Happy!

Your dentist will be thrilled to know that you’re taking good care of yourself, and your teeth. 

6. You’ll Be a Role Model

Other people involved in your sport may look up to you as a good role model.