Invisalign - Another Option When Considering Orthodontic Braces

by Riverside Heights Dental March 3rd, 2014 in Orthodontics - Invisalign
Invisalign - Another Option When Considering Orthodontic Braces

Invisalign is a brand of orthodontic braces that reinvents the way people think about braces. When you think of braces, you probably think of the metal braces that are adhered to the teeth and connected with wires. There are plenty of people, both children and adults, who opt for braces in order to have straight teeth and a great smile. But a lot of people are put off by the prospect of needing to wear traditional metal braces. Invisalign may be another option for people who want to adjust their smiles without metal.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign braces are best described as being similar to athletic mouth guards, but much smaller and more subtle. In fact, Invisalign braces are meant to be nearly invisible. Patients who are candidates for Invisalign will have a mould taken of their teeth and gums. That mould is used to create a thin plastic aligner that fits perfectly over your teeth. It’s a bit like a retainer, except that it’s invisible. Invisalign braces slowly adjust the straightness of your teeth, just like braces.

Who Can Get Invisalign?

Not everyone who needs braces is able to use the Invisalign system in order to straighten their teeth. The only way to find out is to check with a dentist or orthodontist that provides Invisalign to their patients. A single appointment will be enough to know whether or not Invisalign is an option for you.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign is a great option because they offer a few benefits that metal braces don’t. First of all, Invisalign is completely removable. That means they can be removed for meals and patients can eat anything. They can be easily cleaned and maintained. And they’re comfortable. Plus, of course, they’re nearly invisible.