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Riverside Heights Dental clinic in North Surrey has been part of your community for the past 15 years. Drs. Frank and Greg Marasa have a combined clinical experience in North Surrey of 35 years!

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Get New Dentures - Make Life Smile Back at you Again

July 26th, 2017 | by Riverside Dental | in Dental Health |    0   

riverside heights dental.jpgGetting dentures can be a completely new start for someone who struggles with their image or their ability to eat properly due to missing or broken teeth. Visiting a denture clinic can be a great option for someone to start their journey towards getting full or partial dentures.

Gaps in the mouth between the teeth can result in a number of oral health issues such as difficulty with eating and chewing, misaligned teeth, and loss of bone density in the jaw. These problems can all change the appearance of the face as a whole and can alter the way someone speaks as well.

Many people avoid dentures due to misconceptions about how they look and feel. Dentures today look and feel just like having natural teeth, and few people will even be able to notice a difference. An experienced denturist will be able to help their patients enjoy a natural look and a comfortable fit.

There are two main types of dentures: partial and full dentures.  Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and may be fixed or removable. These dentures function and look just like normal teeth and they can be permanently bonded into place, or can be removable and attached by metal fasteners. Full dentures are a full set of removable teeth that replace all of the missing teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. If you have some natural teeth left, the dentist may elect to leave those in place and fit the dentures over them.

With proper fit and care, dentures can last for many years and can provide a natural and comfortable fit while giving the patient a proper bite, and with it, better health and comfort in their day to day life.

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