Five Reasons Dentures Are a Good Choice

by Riverside Heights Dental February 29th, 2016 in Dental Health

Denture technology is evolving all the time. Gone are the spring-loaded mouthfuls of the last century! Welcome to a dizzying range of super-high tech polymers. 

  1. Dentures, also known as plates, dental prosthetics or 'false teeth', work best when they are fitted to the ever-changing shape of your mouth. Yearly checks are essential and replacements and modifications may happen anything from every 2 to 5 years. Because the technology is improving all the time dentures are a thousand times better than where they were 100 years ago, and there is every likelihood that each subsequent set of dentures will be an improvement on the last.

  2. Dentures are far cheaper than other tooth-replacement technologies, like implants, and can often be repurposed. For example, a good quality denture need only be modified to be used as a post-anchored denture; sometimes it’s just a question of adding screws!

  3. There is a massive choice of the kind of denture available – plastic, enamel, chrome cobalt, partial, full, implant anchored, post-anchored: you will have a large number of options available to you in order to find what works best. Modern technologies are also more porous, so that the impact on your ability to taste the food you are now able to chew is not as great.

  4. Nutrition and general health will also be improved by dentures. For those who have suffered with poor teeth, the renewed chewing efficiency that dentures provide and the benefits of removing rotten teeth are clear.

  5. Finally, the aesthetics:  dentures need looking after properly. Patients report more rigorous dental hygiene, which means fresher breath, to say nothing of the confidence in their smiles. It’s not just that dentures fill gaps in the row of teeth, but that a denture will support the architecture of the facial muscles and prevent an older face collapsing.