Christmas Adventures in Pediatric Dental Care

by Riverside Heights Dental November 28th, 2018 in Dental Health

With Christmas time comes lots of delicious meals and sticky desserts. While stockings filled with candy canes and chocolate are a surefire excitement on Christmas morning, it is important to think ahead about how to ensure you children’s teeth are kept as clean as possible amid the candy and celebrations.

A toothache could mean a ruined holiday season for a kid. We would like to help you try to avoid the possibility of that by offering these ideas for a healthier mouth during the festivities.

Commit to Brushing Regularly

Sometimes the holidays can be so busy and stressful that regular routine goes straight out the window. Be sure your children are sticking to their regular brushing and flossing routine, as this is especially important in times like the holidays when it’s likely they are eating lots of candy and sugary foods.

Aim for Healthy Meals

Possibly one of the most difficult things to ensure during the Christmas season is that your kids are getting proper nutrition, and not just filling up on chocolate and snacks. Teach your children to be conservative with snacks and sweets, and to be sure they are still getting the majority of their nutrition from a proper meal.

Offer Sugar-Free

When buying gifts and snacks for your kids this holiday season, try to opt for sugar free where possible. This can include either sugar free snacks, or even small toys instead of candy.

Don’t forget about your kids’ dental health this holiday season! Stay on top of healthy tooth care habits to avoid toothache during this busy time of year.