Business is back to normal what are the new safety procedures in place?

by Riverside Heights Dental September 19th, 2020 in Dental Health
Business is back to normal what are the new safety procedures in place

We have good news! Your favourite Fraser Heights dentist office is now open for regular business, with new safety procedures in place to help keep everyone safe. We have identified and addressed all areas of concerns with respect to Covid-19 and taken steps to minimize the risks of transmission. We want you to feel comfortable coming in for your dentist appointment in North Surrey so here are some of the ways we’re protecting you and ourselves.

We’ve incorporated 4 levels of protection:

  1. Our current policies limit the number of people allowed in the office at once.  Work spaces have been arranged to allow physical distancing of 2m for patients and staff whenever possible.
  2. Where physical distancing can’t be maintained, plexiglass barriers have been placed to separate people instead.
  3. Rules and guidelines have been implemented within the workplace to help employees and clients separate. For example only one person in the hallways at a time. Sanitation procedures such as using single-use products where possible and wiping down all equipment after use, are posted.
  4. Masks and face shields are being worn and employees have been trained in their proper use

In addition, we are diligently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, including those in common areas, desks, handles, washrooms and lightswitches; tools, equipment and tables. Policies regulate the frequency and timing of cleaning, disinfecting and personal hygiene like handwashing. We have a training plan to ensure all of our staff are trained in these protective policies and procedures.

If you need to see a dentist near the Guildford Mall, give us a call to make an appointment. We’re happy to answer any questions about our safety measures to put your mind at ease. We want everyone to be safe and we hope to see you soon.