Benefits of intraoral cameras

by Riverside Heights Dental April 16th, 2024 in Dental Services
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Technology continues to advance at our Surrey dental practice. But we’re not sure everyone knows about this one device in particular. It’s called an intraoral camera and we’re going to tell you why it’s so awesome--for the dentist and patient alike.

What is an intraoral camera?

It’s a lightweight wand that takes non-invasive, detailed, close-up, colour pictures of your teeth, gums and the inside of your mouth.

Why intraoral cameras are awesome

  • Non-invasive way to take high-quality, colour pictures
  • Creates close up, detailed images
  • Helps in diagnosing issues
  • Accesses hard to see areas
  • Sees things the naked eye might miss
  • Using images makes it easier to explain issues
  • Seeing images makes it easier to understand information
  • Better information makes for more engagement in proactive care
  • Shows the exact problem for the individual
  • Can show before and after treatment pictures
  • Digital images can be emailed to other treatment specialists

That’s a long list of benefits!

Today’s picture gives you an idea of how much of a difference an intraoral camera makes in seeing problems. It can show you issues with your teeth you’ve never seen before. 

For example, my first experience with an intraoral camera showed me the fracture in a filling that wasn’t visible when I simply looked in the mirror. After 40 minutes of excellent dental care, the camera snapped another pic of the newly filled tooth, fixed and ready for my next dietary indulgence. It looked great! I really appreciated seeing the original issue with my own eyes, plus I got a boost of confidence seeing how well it’d been fixed.

Intraoral cameras are a great tool. Dentists use them to improve their ability to spot and identify dental health issues. And patients get the opportunity to increase their understanding of what's going on in their mouth. This increases engagement in their own dental care and leads to better overall dental health.

Book an appointment for your next Surrey dental check-up and tell us what you think of our intraoral cameras.

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