Are you a good candidate for a dental implant?

by Riverside Heights Dental November 11th, 2022 in Dental Services
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If you haven’t heard of dental implants yet, you may soon. Dental implants in Surrey, BC are growing in popularity. They’re an effective way to replace missing teeth. Implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, or all of them, top and bottom. Most people can get dental implants, but they’re not for everyone. Here’s some information to help you determine if you might be a good candidate for a dental implant.

Good candidate for a dental implant

  • Jaw has stopped growing
  • Have enough bone/grafted bone to hold an implant
  • Healthy gums

Implants involve titanium-coated screws being placed into the jawbone. When healed, teeth are restored with a crown, bridge or denture. The jawbone has to have stopped growing before implants can be placed. As well, there has to be enough jawbone to work with. In cases where a tooth has been missing for a while, bone has likely shrunk. Bone grafting may be possible to provide enough bone for implants to sink into. In addition, having good oral health, and healthy gums is also a good indicator for dental implants.

Risk factors for a dental implant

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Gum Disease
  • Smoking/Drinking

There are always risk factors associated with surgical procedures. Uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, gum disease, smoking and drinking are some of the risk factors for dental implants.

Dentists at Riverside Heights Dental, or other qualified dentists in Surrey, will do a thorough examination and assessment of your eligibility for implants, taking into consideration your risk factors. Where there is concern, there may be steps to take to improve your health and ability to support implants. 

Dental implant technology is the best option available for missing teeth. Speak to your dentist to find out if you are a good candidate.

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