Are Wisdom tooth extractions necessary?

by Riverside Heights Dental November 12th, 2021 in Dental Services
Are Wisdom tooth extractions necessary

Wisdom tooth extractions are not necessary for everyone. If you fall into this category, congratulations on your good fortune! However, for a large percentage of the population, they are necessary to prevent ongoing problems, or problems in the future.

For many people, there simply is not enough room in the mouth for a 3rd set of molars. Therefore dentists in North Vancouver start seeing different types of problems when wisdom teeth begin emerging. For instance, they may cause overcrowding, causing other teeth to shift out of place. They may become impacted under the gumline, causing painful infections. They can grow in facing sideways, forwards or backwards. Also, wisdom teeth can be harder to clean than other teeth because of their location far back in the mouth.

Problems caused by wisdom teeth


Impaction or partial eruption

Infection and abscess

Damage to other teeth or bone

Harder to clean, more prone to decay.

To track the development of wisdom teeth, a dentist will x-ray the area. They will be able to assess whether wisdom teeth extractions will be necessary. The best time for extractions is between the ages of 16 and 26. This is the optimal time because people in this age group are generally healthy and heal quickly with fewer complications. Their wisdom teeth aren’t completely formed yet, making them easier to remove. HealthLink BC has more information on wisdom teeth extraction, including why it’s done and what to expect.

If you, or someone you know, is in this age bracket, or is currently experiencing problems in that area of the mouth, consult a dentist to see if wisdom teeth extractions are the best course of action.

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