Are Root Canal Treatments Painful?

by Riverside Heights Dental September 26th, 2018 in Dental Health

When you are told you need a root canal, you might be instantly worried that the procedure is going to be painful. The root canal treatment is often a very necessary one to save a tooth that is beyond small repair. Luckily, with new technology in the dental industry, root canal treatments should not be a painful experience.

Root canals are routinely done to treat the daily pain you may be experiencing from your tooth. The procedure is done in order to save an affected tooth that is likely currently causing you daily pain. When the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or damaged, the tooth can become quite painful. This is when a root canal procedure is warranted.

Most patients experience little to no pain when going through with a root canal procedure. This is thanks in part to the numbing and pain medication that is routinely given during the procedure. At the start of the procedure, the tooth and surrounding area of the mouth are numbed to prevent pains. During the healing process after the procedure, your dentist may recommend some over-the-counter medications to combat soreness and sensitivity.

With the local numbing that is given to patients undergoing a root canal procedure, the process itself should not be painful. In fact, many patients report that they had worse pain leading up to the procedure than during the procedure itself – and that their tooth pain was relieved thanks to the root canal! In most cases, the worst of a root canal is mild discomfort and the nerves leading up to the procedure.

If you require a root canal procedure – try to relax, and know that the procedure is being done to alleviate your pains, not to cause more!