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Riverside Heights Dental Clinic, near Guildford Mall

Riverside Heights Dental Centre in North Surrey, near the Guildford Mall & Fraser Heights, has been in the community since 1981.

Riverside Heights Dental Clinic is a well-established dental practice and is able to assist you with all your dental needs. We see many people from the surrounding areas in North Surrey, including Fraser Heights & Guildford Mall Area and have loyal patients that come from all over the Lower Mainland from Chilliwack to the Sunshine Coast.

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Dr. Greg Marasa - Riverside Heights Dental
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Riverside Heights is a Dental Centre in North Surrey, conveniently located, not far from the Guildford mall & Fraser Heights, has been in the community since 1981.

Patient Testimonials

The time is going by so very fast since July of 1997 which was the first time we met Dr. Marasa in his practice.

He then told Christel she should see her doctor immediately as this is a very serious condition that can be fatal if not treated. Christel is now on medication to treat this which most likely may have saved her life.

Dr. Marasa we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much for what you and your staff have done for us over the years with your excellent service and we are eternally grateful. You went above and beyond what was required of you.

Gunter and Christel


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